Raw Water Source More Information Since 1977, we have built a number of catchment reservoirs to serve as sources of raw water in Batam City 8 Sources of Raw Water
in Batam
Batam Sewerage System BP Batam (Batam Indonesia Free Zone Authority) is continually in the process of improving the capabilities of the Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP). Visit Waste Water
Treatment Plant
Environment More Information Industrial
Waste Management
Environment More Information Batam Integrated Total Water
Management (BITWM)
Rain Catchment & Runoff Water Opportunities Runoff is problematic, but also provides opportunities. Properly managed runoff can provide solutions to inundations and flooding, whilst at the same time can be utilized as potential rain water reserves dependant on the drainage systems applied. More Information Transform Problem
to Opportunities
Clean Water Customer Service

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Batam Drinking Water Supply System (SPAM)

About Us

Water Resources, Waste and the Environment (SDALL)

The Water Resources, Waste and Environment Business Unit is a business unit of BP Batam that manages Water Resources, Waste and Environment facilities in Batam City.


Clean Water Customer Service

SPAM BATAM "Improvements"

Providing high levels of customer satisfaction with services is a priority in developing the services offered to fulfill customer needs and expectations. Providing access to clean water for all of Batam’s residents without exception is a challenge and our objective.

Through cooperation with third party PT Moya Indonesia in the operation of SPAM Batam, we aim to continually improve quality and services of water.

Raw Water Source

Catchment Reservoirs

Sei Ladi Reservoir

Waduk ini menyuplai kebutuhan air minum ke Baloi, Nagoya dan Jodoh.

Tembesi Reservoir

Waduk ini menyuplai kebutuhan air minum ke kawasan Batu Aji dan Tanjung Uncang.

Duriangkang Reservoir

Waduk ini menyuplai kebutuhan air minum ke Sei Beduk, Tembesi, Batu Aji, Batam Kota, Lubuk Baja, Bengkong dan Batuampar.
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Domestic Waste Management

A method of treating wastewater by utilizing microorganisms to decompose organic components/pollutants contained in wastewater is one of our focuses in treating domestic waste in the Batam City.

Septic Tank Drainage

Rp 125,000

Renewable Water Resources

New Alternative for Raw Water Source

BP Batam has started implementing the Batam Integrated Total Water Management (BITWM) concept. This is pursued in consideration of the increasing need for clean water and the limited availability of raw water sources in the City.


KPLI's Hazardous & Toxic Waste Management

AS an area that is growing as an Industrial city, Batam is also susceptible to the impact of industrial waste which is classified as Hazardous & Toxic Material (B3).

In order to ensure a conducive area for investment, BP Batam also manages the Industrial Waste Management Area for Hazardous & Toxic Material (KPLI-B3) located in the Kabil area. The area covers approximately 20 Ha and will be expanded to 60 Ha;

There are currently 32 companies handling hazardous and toxic waste (transporters, collectors, processors and users) in this area.


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